Divorce is overwhelming financially, emotionally, and mentally, and divorce court can be just as draining as the divorce itself.

That’s why Michele Wilson-Jones handles all divorce matters with an open and caring ear, helping clients from all walks from life start anew. Her priority is your happiness, and that means fighting for your needs while working toward an amicable solution for all parties involved.

Common Divorce Issues

Divorce can be as complicated legally as it is emotionally. If you’re considering divorce, keep in mind that you’ll likely need to address multiple items before the arrangement is final, including:

Splitting Assets

In Kentucky, marital assets are typically split 50-50 in a divorce. Some circumstances merit different splits.

Inheriting Debt

In a divorce, both parties must negotiate a fair division of debts. The court can nevertheless veto parts of your agreement. Michele will represent you in these cases and, if applicable, strive to keep your spouse’s creditors from pursuing you.

Child Custody & Visitation

Kentucky law mandates that judges presume joint child custody is best. That said, if you think you deserve sole custody, you can make a case.

Child Support

Typically, the non-residential parent in a divorce pays child support according to the percentage of household income that parent’s earnings comprised before the divorce. Exceptions are possible, and Michele can navigate them with you.

Spousal Maintenance

Formerly known as alimony, these court-ordered payments require one divorcing spouse to make regular payments to the other. However, in Kentucky, achieving spousal support is rare. Michele can help guide you through the possibilities.

In divorce matters, Michele Wilson Jones is on your side

With Michele Wilson-Jones at your side, you can make the difficult experience of divorce easier to traverse. Michele prides herself on an empathetic, approachable style that balances being there for you emotionally with literally standing at your side in court. That’s why people all over Kentucky seek her out in the most unexpected places, knowing she’s receptive and ready to help at a moment’s notice.

To learn more, swing by our office whenever we’re open to just sit and talk with Michele – no appointments required! But if you do want to schedule a date and time, just click the button below.

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