Waiting on money you’ve long been owed can be frustrating. Michele Wilson Jones is here to help you through all the legal hurdles of the collections process. 

If a customer, client, or other party hasn’t paid what’s owed, Michele can represent you in court and secure the money you’re owed.

What to Do If You’re Owed Money in Kentucky

Whether your small business got stiffed on a big payment or you’re not getting agreed-upon funds from someone to whom you lent money, Michele Wilson Jones can help you navigate the McCreary County claims process and court proceedings, if needed. She’ll walk you through all the steps of getting the money you’re owed in Kentucky, including:

Filing a Lawsuit

If you’re owed money and traditional means of obtaining it aren’t working, you may need to file a lawsuit. Michele can help you determine whether your circumstances make sense, both practically and financially, to bring to court.

Settlements & Payment Plans

Michele can help your debtor establish a payment plan or settlement that both you and the debtor find fair. Michele’s goal is to get you paid while treating the defendant fairly and maybe even preserving your relationship.

Small Claims Court

While you can usually represent yourself in small claims court, you may want a lawyer if your claim feels especially complicated. Michele can represent you in small claims court and help you smoothly, tactfully claim the money you’re owed.

How to Determine Whether You Have a Collections Case

To determine whether you should bring your debt pursuits into the court system, speak with Michele Wilson Jones. You can swing by our offices whenever we’re open – seriously, you don’t even need an appointment, though you can make one – to discuss your circumstances with one of McCreary County’s most trusted legal authorities. And if Michele thinks you have a case, she’ll gladly help you with the following collection law services:

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Request a Call Back

Pop in to our Whitley City office to meet Michele and our legal assistants Niki and Courtney. The office is right down the road from the county seat. Don’t want to wander in? Give the practice a call or send an email to make an appointment. No matter how you get here, everyone here at Michele Wilson Jones, Attorney at Law is looking forward to meeting you.

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Donna M.
Donna M.
23:37 29 Dec 23
So nice they were able to make a change on my mistake and still delivered promptly. So fresh and reasonably priced. I wish I ordered the raita to go with it...
Thomas R.
Thomas R.
04:01 12 Oct 23
This place apparently has been going strong for 10 years, and with the quality of the food, I'm not surprised. It was a beautiful location. I stopped in, and the aromatics in the air made me hungry, lol
David S.
David S.
08:55 26 Sep 23
Update on 9/26/2023. Ordered take away dinner for hubby and me this past weekend. Masala dosai v good - but too much pancake and not enough filling.I ate lunch at a table in this take away shop. The portion was very generous -a Vegetarian thali with potatoes and cauliflower. Spices were mild. No tea (Chai or spiced masala available).
leo B.
leo B.
14:42 23 Sep 23
CW&R is by far the best Indian food in our area. The service is great and the Chicken Tandoori and Chicken Sheek Kebabs are my go to. You will not be disappointed!
Ian S.
Ian S.
13:01 16 Sep 23
This place has the best Indian food in Westchester by far. I love their chicken thali, because it allows you to also try a vegetarian dish as well. I'm in love with their chicken saag and chana masala. They have an amazing variety of dishes. My father loves their Lamb biryani. Now things like Dosa and Naans I would recommend to eat them there, as they don't travel well. Their chicken roll is the best thing for a quick bite.
Renny G.
Renny G.
07:28 03 Jun 23
Ordered chicken tikka masala, naan, chicken biryani, samosas, pakoras..Everything was exceptional.The chicken tikka had tender white meat well cooked in, what I’m assuming is, a Tandoor oven. The meat just peels off. Not too hard, not too soft. On one occasion the meat was hard, but that was the exception. The gravy is tangy and perfect. In some places, you just taste butter. Naan is also good when dipped in sauce. Regarding the naan, there is an after taste of Indian dough, and I wish it was softer- but then maybe it’s because I ordered plain naan instead of what some places call butter naan. Samosas are awesome, and pakoras aren’t dry-which is a step up from other places. Biryani was also good, I just wish it was more soaked in sauce like the pakora, instead of being dry. Food is, overall and to be specific: amazing. I wish their location had more room to eat-in, with a buffet on weekends. But again, food was amazing.
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